How we work

Our process is to design courses not assign.


When our students come in they are given a thorough assessment. Our tests provide a detailed portrait of student strengths and weaknesses. Your director carefully analyzes the results with you and develops an individualized preparation plan. This allows us to make recommendations and adjustments tailored to personal needs.


We provide resources and information to students to help them make the best decisions. . We offer a variety of services to our students. Our courses are designed to be part of a process to help the student achieve their goals. We are here to help implement all possibilities of every student. Our care and expertise in making the perfect match for you, form the bedrock of our program.

Customization and Match

Lessons are scheduled directly with your tutors. Your student will be assigned 2–3 hours of homework per lesson and will be asked to sit for proctored practice tests every 3–4 weeks. Practice tests are an essential component of the program

Support and Results

The tutors' level of professionalism, engagement, and knowledge made a significant difference in final test scores. EduReach will only be satisfied when we see the students performing at the levels that will propel them into their life choices.

How EduReach helps schools

  • We coordinate with the school/teachers to guide us to raise the possibilities/ faculties of the students in the foundational subjects. EduReach’s ability to run different classes alleviates stress on the school. By diagnosing special needs or “problematic” students helps the teacher with class management and cover more material. We alleviate the pressure on teacher with specially designed groups targets learning abilities.


  • We offer more Academic space- Academic Space offers more diversity in learning, different delivery environments, resources and equipped for any methodology, practice or teaching situation Fostering activity-based learning amongst students Collaborative/hybrid effort incorporation/Extension with a-traditional teaching methods Encouraging independent student work with instructor or support in available learning space Allowing flexibility of class time: The learning process can be more fluid and can be extended with Extra mural courses/program